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Chenango County Historian’s Office

Norwich, New York

To Whom It May Concern:


Today we received 6 filing cabinets in the Chenango County Historian’s Office in Norwich, NY, and I’m happy to report it was a positive experience.


Delivery Team members Chad and Tony did an excellent job maneuvering about our maze-like facility.  They were professional, courteous, and extremely efficient.


The image portrayed by these gentlemen reflects a company whose employees are skilled, dedicated, well trained, and motivated to do a good job.


Thank-you for your great company, your commitment to employing good people, and your excellent customer service.




Joan Lieb

Historical Research Assistant

Chenango County Historian’s Office

Workforce Development Board 

Utica Working Solutions

Utica, New York

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with one of your employees. I was looking for a specific product that I could not find on your site, but was able to locate on a competitor site. Bridgette took the information for the competitor's product and let me know she would call me back. In about a half hour, she did. I could tell that she had probably spent the entire time researching the product I was asking about as she was knowledgeable and enthusiastic throughout our entire interaction. She answered each of my follow up questions quickly and confidently, never once did she seem like she was at a loss for what the answer was. In contrast, when I contacted the competitor to check immediate availability, their employee couldn't even be bothered to look up the answer and ended with a "No, I don't think we have that" with no effort into finding out if they actually did at all. It is this type of service that will keep me choosing Hummel's first for every one of my office needs.


Adam Wiehl

Workforce Development Board

Utica Working Solutions

Rome Teacher’s Federal Credit Union

Rome, New York

We had a delivery today & the young man who delivered was wonderful. He came in & introduced himself, asked our names. I asked if he had the toners too, he said no but would check to see if they were back ordered. I thanked him & said not necessary that I was sure you had sent it out. I just wanted to let you know that he certainly represented Hummel’s well.


Lorraine Goewey

Operations Manager/Loan Officer

Rome Teacher’s Federal Credit Union

Lewis County General Hospital

Lowville, New York

I just want to express our sincere appreciation for everything the Hummel's team did in helping to "rebuild" our entire Patient Accounting department after the flooding incident. 


Everyone was great & so helpful!  Harry & the purchasing staff for all things from trash bins to air purifiers.  Cindy with the RUSH on finishing the cubicle design & our multiple add/changes until it was just what we wanted.  The installation team for going above & beyond our expectations - Sandy was especially impressed with Chad & Tony (and the young guy from the first day of install, she didn't catch his name). Your team truly did a wonderful job & we are very pleased. Thank you!

Trista M. Mullin


Lewis County General Hospital

One of my teacher assistant’s called me & said they ran out of ink in their printer. They had a lot of end of the year printing to do & they didn’t have any more ink cartridges. I called Sheila in Customer Service & told her the situation. She told me if I could email her the purchase order she would take care of it for me. I did the purchase order & once it went through all of the channels for all of the signatures, I was able to email it to Sheila.  She told me that they were in stock & they would be on a truck the next day to be delivered. She sent me an email confirming that they would be delivered the next day. She even sent me an email the morning of the delivery to confirm that they were on the truck & would be delivered that day. She is an amazing employee & she really helped me out in this situation.  Anytime I call her she is always very nice & very informative & she goes above & beyond the call of duty.  I really appreciate Sheila & she truly is an asset to your organization.

M & S Desktop Publishing

Manlius, New York

I just wanted to give a "Hats Off" to my delivery driver Richard. He is always so nice & polite when he does the deliveries. He is very pleasant & professional about caring my cases of paper in for me & being a one person business that is truly appreciated.

Donna Goyette

M & S Desktop Publishing

Manlius, NY

Central New York Cardiology

Oneida, New York

The table & chairs are perfect in our Oneida Office. Good things are worth the wait!!!  The delivery staff was wonderful, courteous, efficient & quiet. Something to be proud of.


I can’t believe what a difference this furniture has made.


Thanks again.

Susan Maziarz

Central New York Cardiology

Rome City School District

Rome, New York

First off, thank you for taking care of the water dispenser so promptly.  Also, I just want to share what an incredibly nice & polite driver we have now, Brandon.  He is always cheerful & upbeat when he comes here.  It's always a pleasure to do business with him & I thought somebody should know.

Have a great day!


Shelly Schultheis

Rome City School District

Sealand Contractors

New York

You won’t believe the number of things I’ve purchased for our company recently because of the random emails you send out. I have to tell you I ran across Hummel’s by accident & it has been a wonderful relationship since day one. Maureen has helped me constantly when ordering the standard items but is a miracle worker when it comes to me describing something in the roughest of terms. I needed rubber bands so I said “they fit around your hand but not overly wide” & I got the perfect size or more recently I called asking Maureen for some space heaters for under the desk & a tower like one that turns & by the time I made it back to the my office I had an email with pictures, descriptions, costs, & alternatives. That’s something I really like, is the way she provides alternatives & suggestions to what I really need verses what I thought wanted.  I have to also mention her partner in crime Lisa who has the same ability. I asked Lisa “I need a thingamajig that holds my monitor off the desk” & she sent me three pictures of arms so I could pick. I’m an engineer & by no means like or know how to search around a website for items. I had to set up two offices (Sealand’s & NYSDOT) complete with office supplies & furniture this spring AND without those two I would have been totally lost!! It was a complete success, went fast & smoothly because of those exceptionally talented ladies. I gave them a list & many additions, sometimes over the phone in a panic & it just happened. They & Hummel’s has helped me save quite a bit of money because of the deals & alternatives (the wonderful used desks to name one). If an item was damaged (which rarely happened) it got replace no questions asked. I also can’t believe how efficient & easy deliveries are. I email or call Maureen with an order saying “No Rush” & it never fails, you deliver it the very next day which could be as little as a box of pens or dozen Post-it notes. Who does that: ONLY Hummel’s!!  The whole Hummel’s family – from ordering to delivery has made my life getting office supplies & equipment so simple, easy & effortless. Please don’t change a thing.


Dave Laky

Sealand Contractors

Paige Marketing Communications Group, Inc.

New York

Your install reps did a great job with our new whiteboard this morning. All 3 gentlemen were very courteous & professional – & did a great job. Always a pleasure working with your employees.

Hummel's is fortunate to have such a good team representing the company.

I wish everyone an awesome 2019.


Ann C. McGee-Martel

Executive Assistant                                                                            

Paige Marketing Communications Group, Inc.

Central New York Cardiology

New York

KUDOS to the delivery person that delivered my 18 cases of copy paper he stacked them so nice & neat & didn’t slam them into the wall. It is a pleasure dealing with a company that employs people that show pride in their work. “When you perform well, I look good!”


Susan Maziarz

Acct/Finance Asst.

Central New York Cardiology

Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency

Amsterdam, New York

Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency is a new customer for you. Previously we had ordered supplies from Seely Conover's here in Amsterdam and, I will admit to having some trepidation over their closing and our becoming customers of Hummel’s.   I fear no more. We have received outstanding service from your company and timely deliveries. Everyone we have been in touch with has been patient and kind and efficient. Because we are small agency, we do not order things on a large scale.  However, you have treated us as though we were your number one customer. That speaks highly of your company. This week we were also greatly surprised to receive treats from Hummel’s.  Mr. Zabawsky received fruit slices at his office and I received Tootsie Rolls here at City Hall. I never knew they also made flavored ones and the lime is my favorite so far. Sometimes, that is all you need...is a “little something" in your mouth and these satisfy that need.


Thank you for your good service and your treats.


Anne DeGroff

Administrative Assistant


Heritage Farm, Inc.

New York

On behalf of Heritage Farm I wanted to personally thank the Hummel’s staff & distribution team for their hard work & commitment to customer care with a special thank you to our rep Michele Smith for taking the extra time & for treating us like family & not just another business account.  In my 20+ years I’ve work with numerous vendors, vendors big & small with many promising you the world to bring you on as a client only to never hear from them again.  We have been with Hummel’s for about a year & have had several face to face meetings & phone calls reviewing & fine tuning our account all in an effort to try & save us money.  In all my years I have not work with another company that actively stays on top of the client accounts & looks for ways to save your business money like Hummel’s.  We are truly grateful for Michele & the rest of the Hummel’s team.  Keep up the good work & remember your roots.    


Mark C Piersall

Executive Director

Heritage Farm, Inc.

I just wanted to take a minute to give a kudos to one of your employees. Yes, Lisa A. (Herkimer Hallmark® Gold Crown Retail Store) is a great friend of mine but that aside, she is providing some awesome service. She knows I hate reading cards so when I need one, I'll ask her if she would try to find the right card for what I need. She then asks if there's anything else & I tell her, yes, I want some Naked Bee. She continues by telling me my options. I don't have a great deal of time most days when I am there & she has saved me so much time. I ended up purchasing a few more items with her help & she suspended my transaction so that it’s all ready for me to come in & pay. I jokingly thanked her for my online shopping experience. She truly is awesome in customer service!



Joanne M.

I would like to formally compliment “Brandon”, our delivery driver from Hummel’s Office Plus.  In a “miserable” weather day like today, pouring rain outside, Brandon still appeared with the biggest smile & the most friendly attitude that brightened my day! I walked into work today with a so-so smile, but Brandon quickly lifted my spirits!!


I am happy to take time out to compliment Brandon, Michele Smith (our Account Executive) & “Hummel’s Office Plus” on a job well done!

Dear Mr. Hummel,

I had a wonderful time shopping for Hallmark ornaments at Hummel’s Herkimer on Hallmark Ornament Premiere day!  The displays were absolutely beautiful! I was able to purchase every ornament in the series I’ve been collecting for years!

The entire Hummel’s staff: Donna, Lisa, Paige & please forgive me, I did not get the other employee’s name were very helpful, patient & considerate. It doesn’t matter if they are busy or in the middle of something they always stop & take their time to help.

I never leave the store empty handed. Hummel’s is the only place in town where I find unique gifts for friends, holidays, etc.!

We are fortunate to have such a beautiful store in the Valley!

Please be sure Mr. Hummel has the opportunity to see this email.

Thank you!


Barb Voelkle

Just a short note to thank Hummel's OP for donating water for the 8th Annual Don Taylor Memorial Run & Ilion Days Mini-Track Meet, July 16th. We had a very HOT evening & all the participants, volunteers & spectators drank plenty of your water. The water donation was appreciated very much.

Thanks again,

Dave Williams

Ilion Days Committee Member

We are very pleased with our relationship. Colleen is fantastic to work with, always offering new ideas & suggestions. Your delivery staffs professionalism is absolutely unmatched! You have an incredibly loyal team!!! 


Looking forward to doing business together for a long time!

I didn’t know who else to tell, but I wanted Hummel’s to know what an outstanding delivery experience we had today. Our elevator is broken & Andy happily carried about 10 cartons of paper & 12 jugs of water down the stairs – even when we told him it would be fine to leave them in the back hall upstairs. What a nice guy with a positive & upbeat attitude! In fact, all of the guys we’ve had from Hummel’s have been great: Brandon, Alex & Andy. Today’s delivery was over-the-top impressive though! Please let Mr. Hummel know that his employees are the best!

I really enjoy Bridgette in Customer Service as she is very responsive to our needs & has gotten right back to us on items & any issues to be taken care of. Friendly & courteous. Thank you Bridgette, keep up the great job!


Michelle Durham, Mohawk Valley Health Systems

Kathy is such a delight to work with! She’s polite & courteous, knowledgeable about our account purchases & asks the right questions. Great customer service! Thank you for your help as always.


Yolanda Park
Buyer - Purchasing Department
Bassett Healthcare Network

I would just like to comment on the EXCELLENT service that re receive from Marie Fryc & our delivery driver for our location!


Susan Barth
Universal Warehousing, Inc.

Your delivery driver is AMAZING!  Linda sends 5 gold stars.  Our doors are locked & he goes above & beyond to make sure we get our orders! He always has a smile on his face.


Sandra Hirsch
Money FCU

What is my favorite locally owned business offering this week for R. A. Wood?
I also want to congratulate you & your store for coming through for me to help during this difficult time we are facing.

Stay healthy & safe.


R.A. Wood

From customer service to sales to your delivery staff, we have always been treated with respect & good old fashioned service—thank you!

Ann Martel

The Paige Group

I ordered 16  chairs to replace the chairs in our Conference Room. When I was looking for a good fit for our room, Harry Vickers came & looked at the site & made some recommendations through the furniture team. Lisa sent me some pictures & quotes for what they believed to be a good fit. We looked them over, made our selection & ordered them. I explained at the time I placed the order that I needed an early morning or late afternoon deliver as our building only has one small elevator &I didn’t want the delivery to interfere with our patient flow. I got a call from Art that my chairs were ready & assembled & they could be delivered between 8 & 9am. When they arrived at our office they brought them in 6 at a time & brought them to the room, unwrapped each chair & took all the garbage with them & they were out of our office in 20 minutes. The delivery men (Tom & Tony) were very polite, efficient & helpful.  This whole process took 1 email & 2 phone calls & in less than a week from start to finish. We could not be more pleased.


Thank you, Hummel’s Team!


Central NY Cardiology

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