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Want A Little Help With Your Ice Removal?

Hummel's Office Plus is your winter solution with all the ice melt and rock salt you need!

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KIS 8582575 Calcium Chloride Crystals Ice Melt, 50 lb. bag

Non-tracking calcium chloride based ice melt formulation is fast-acting & longer lasting. Attacking snow & ice with instant heat works immediately lasting up to 24 hours. Providing increased traction control. Easily dispersed with an extended shelf life. Chemical Product Name: Calcium Chloride

KIS 7943475 Ice Patrol Snow & Ice Melter, 50 lb. bag

Economical & effective ice melter. Optimally sized granules for maximum performance. Smaller crystals melt on contact, while larger crystals provide longevity & instant traction. Flow freely through commercial spreaders. Chemical Product Name: Sodium Chloride

NAS 56960 Safe Step Choice Formula, 50 lb. bag

Safe Step Choice Formula is formulated to be environmentally friendly. With less toxicity than baking soda, Choice Formula doesn’t require gloves to handle & won’t harm animals or plants. Using a complex patent-pending blend, it melts ice in temperatures as low -10 °F / -23 °C. Chemical Product Name: Sodium Chloride

CGL 3649 Jiffy Melt Ice Melt Jug, 12 lb. jug

The extreme cold of winter can cause ice to form dangerously fast. So you need an ice melter that works just as quickly. Jiffy Melt® Ice Melter’s specially formulated blend gets a fast start on melting ice in sub-zero temperatures to -10 °F / -23 °C. 36 cases / 144 jugs per skid. Chemical Product Name: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride

NAS 45550 Safe Step Select Blend Ice Melter, 45 lb. pail

While simple blends merely mix different ingredients together in a bag, Select Blend Ice Melter utilizes a unique blending process to ensure the ingredients work together for maximum melting power, even at temperatures as low as 0°F (-18°C) 48 pails per skid. Chemical Product Name: Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride

KIS 8318475 Ice Beeter Blend Ice Melter, 50 lb. bag

Ice Beeter Blend is specially formulated with beet extract solution which performs at lower temperatures with superior lasting performance. It activates the deicing process immediately, reducing bounce & scatter during application & is color coated for visual coverage. It is triple screened for consistent granulation & provides instant traction & prevents bonding of ice to walkway surfaces. Fewer applications required to achieve superior performance. 49 bags per skid.

KIS 8327175 Environment Blend Ice Melter, 50 lb. bag

Environmelt Blend with CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) is an environmentally benign deicer that is less harmful to vegetation (reduces damage to grass, trees and shrubs) & safer for children and pets. It forms a protective coating on surface to guard against concrete, wood & corrosion damage. Designed to reduce tracking & residue problems when used correctly. Easy to use. No protective clothing necessary. 49 bags per skid.

Valid while supplies last. This sale cannot be combined with any other sale or discount offered by Hummel's Office Plus. Special Return Policies may apply. 
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