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Register Your Safe

To be eligible for the After-Fire Replacement Guarantee, register your safe here.


Replacement Guarantee

If your SentrySafe product is in a fire, to help you and your family begin again, SentrySafe is happy to ship you a replacement safe free of charge. Because we believe peace-of-mind isn’t something you need only once, it’s something that should last a lifetime.



Item# SEN6000B

12" x 18" x 9"

2-Drawer Cabinet

SEN6000B Sentry Safe File Cabinet

Fire Resistant

SENF2300 Fire Safe Granite Security Chest

Item# SENF2300

Granite Color

Security Chest

Secure Spring Latch

Item# SENS6770

Electronic Lock

Commercial Safe

SEN6000 Gray Sentry Safe File Cabinet

Multi-Position Shelf

Item# SEN0500

Key Lock Access

Black Security Box

SEN0500 Black Security Box

Fire-Safe Protection

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