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LaBarge Selected Partner Of The Quarter

Beth LaBarge who has been a part of Hummel’s Office Plus in Mohawk NY, for over 10 years has been named recipient of the Hummel’s Office Plus “Pam Gross Memorial Partner of the Quarter Award” for the Second Quarter 2014.

Beth POQ 2.jpg

The coworker who nominated Beth said that the guidance that she has given since she started at Hummel’s is nothing short of AMAZING! She is truly an outstanding, kind and helpful human being and it gives me great pleasure to nominate her as Partner of the Quarter. If I could nominate her for Partner of the Millennium….I would in a heartbeat!!!

Beth has been with Hummel’s now for 10 years and continues to be as loyal to Hummel’s as her first day. Beth always goes above and beyond with any project or task at hand. She is extremely helpful, very resourceful and treat’s our customer’s with the upmost professionalism and caring nature. Beth is great at multi-tasking and can assist many departments due to her vast knowledge and experience. She can look and feel a piece of paper and tell you the weight, color, shape, size, item number, if we stock it and if we don’t who the vendor is and how long it takes to come in. She is simply that good!!! Beth has countless Reaching for the Stars and Pay It Forward awards which is why I am not surprised that she has been nominated once again for Partner of the Quarter. Beth is a true team player and a great asset to Hummel’s. I am so proud to have her on my team and I truly believe that Beth is a great example of an committed and passionate partner. Congratulations again!!

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