Check out the video below to see how with FireKing keeps your business's vital records safe from fires, tornadoes, and other severe threats.

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FireKing Turtle Cabinets

2- or 4-Drawer

Big Protection in a Two Different Sizes, Perfect for Home or Small Business. 




Both the 2- and 4-drawer cabinets are insulated to protect both letter-size and legal-size documents. The FireKing Turtle file cabinets meet UL® Class 350 1-hour Fire and Impact rating. Other features include scratch-resistant, powder coated finish; heavy-duty, full-suspension drawers; oven-dried, asbestos-free gypsum insulation; four-pin key lock.

2-Drawer File Cabinets

Item# FIR22125CPA

20.8" x 25" x 27.8"

Steel 2-Drawer

FIR22125CPA Insulated File Cabinet

Legal Size Filing

FIR22131CBL Black 2-Drawer Vertical Cabinet

Item# FIR22131CBL

20.75" x 31.5" x 28"

Scratch Resistant

26" Drawer Depth

Item FIR2R1822CPA

17.7" x 22.1" x 27.8"

Turtle 2-Drawer

FIR2R1822CPA Turtle 2-Drawer Cabinet

Legal and Letter

Item# FIR21831CBL

17.8" x 31.6" x 27.8"

Letter-Size Filing

FIR21831CBL Black Vertical File Cabinet

Water Resistant


4-Drawer File Cabinets

Item# FIR42125CBL

20.75" x 25" x 53"

FIR42125CBL Insulated 4-Drawer Vertical File Black

Steel 4-Drawer

Insulated Cabinet

Item# PLNCT14


Plantronics Phone

Free Shipping

FIR42125CPA Insulated Deep File Cabinet

Item# FIR42125CPA

20.8" x 25" x 52.8"

Deep 4-Drawer

Parchment Color

iPhone5 Compatible

Item# PLNCT14


Plantronics Phone

Free Shipping

PLNCT14 Plantronics Phone

Item# FIR42131CBL 20.8" x 31.5" x 52.8"

Fire Resistant

FIR42131CBL Black Insulated File Cabinet

Legal Size Filing

Free Shipping

Turtle File Cabinet

Item FIR4R1822CPA 17.7" x 22.1" x 52.8"

Letter/Legal Filing

FIR4R1822CPA Insulated Turtle Cabinet

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